Burnt Snow, my first novel, was released in 2010 by Pan MacMillan Australia. White Rain, the sequel, is due soon. As part of a trilogy about witches, earth magic, curses, love and revenge, this blog archives my research into the world of the witches - as well as my own magical saga as a new author.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And, meanwhile, back in the Valley of Death...

As I've previously mentioned, I work at the Finborough Theatre in London. We are currently having a new writing festival, called Vibrant. We have programmed 30 playwrights to stage work over 30 days. My own show is part of the festival on June 10. It is called Swamplands. It is not actually about swamps.

I haven't slept since April. You can probably tell that from the video.

Simultaneously, the final proofs for my book have arrived - these are the typeset pages, as they'll actually look when book comes out. It would be really exciting if I didn't have to read them again.

My next book club for ABC 666 Canberra (that is never going to stop being funny) is on June 1. We'll be discussing Margaret Atwood's fantastic dystopian fantasy, The Handmaid's Tale - a wonderful, wonderful book.

There will be a proper blog post soon. It will be about writing and fairies and Glastonbury Tor and all the wonderful things in the world that you can remember if you actually get a whole night's sleep. Promise.


Dave Molloy said...

Woo, festival! Can't wait to see The Man tomorrow night. I want to write a Finborough show now. Or any show, really.

Van Badham said...

Marvellous, youngster. I certainly hope you enjoyed the show. It's rather good, isn't it?