Burnt Snow, my first novel, was released in 2010 by Pan MacMillan Australia. White Rain, the sequel, is due soon. As part of a trilogy about witches, earth magic, curses, love and revenge, this blog archives my research into the world of the witches - as well as my own magical saga as a new author.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Book Launches: Not Tors, Not Stone Circles...

Why, hello there! CHECK - IT - OUT:

Yep, it's my book. MY BOOK. Coming soon - in September, in fact - to a bookstore near you. I can't believe it... Especially because we are still doing something complicated to the proofs, which is the reason that I have all but disappeared from view of late. If you're super-special eager to buy the book, you can ALREADY do that, via this link. The order page tells you nothing about the book, so the executive summary is: A Western-suburbs nerd is recruited to ranks of the popular girls at her new South Coast high school. While she tries to navigate the complex protocols of "popularity", a series of charged encounters with the untouchable school bad-boy propel her into a dark world of witchcraft, curses, ancient magic and dangerous loyalties. 

That's not the official blurb, but that's the premise. I can also promise that it offers explosions, fires, storms, animal phenomena, strange symbols and some old-school, high-school bitch behaviour. 

Exciting, exciting is that there will definitely be a  LAUNCH for the book - in Sydney, that's most likely on Wednesday, September 8. If you want to get a fancy-schmancy invitation to launches of the book, I've added a nifty "google groups subscribe" button just under the picture of me to the right on this blog; donate your email address to this single issue list, and "burnt-snow-events" will get you invited as soon as venues are confirmed. Technology, I love it. 

In other news, I've been confirmed as a guest for the Brisbane Writers' Festival now, too - in addition to the Melbourne Writers' Festival, and there are rumours of me doing something fun in Canberra in August/September as well. Ooh! 

Those of you who are interested in hearing me pontificate on Jean Rhys' spooky, sad Jane Eyre prequel, Wide Sargasso Sea need only tune to ABC 666 Canberra (yep, still funny) on July 1. 

... And, once more, ladies and gentlemen: OMG, I've written a book. Can't believe it... Can't believe it...


Louise said...

Hooray for your description. I love it!
Totally spot on. Can I steal it for the press release? He he.

Houston Dunleavy said...

We'll be on the lookout for this! Congratulations!

Van Badham said...

Hey Louise,

Of course you can steal it. Alternatively, the 1-sentence pitch is: Harry Potter vs Mean Girls: The Battle for Summer Bay... which makes a lot of sense if you've read the book, as you'll agree!

Van Badham said...


SO excited to have your support. I had some rough years but I'm getting it together with this one. Can't wait to see y'all at the launch, you splendiforous family, you.


Jo-Anne said...

Hi Van,
I got a an ARC of the first part of Burnt Snow, and I have to tell you it is amazing! I'm already in love. (I'm waiting on the rest to be sent to me.)

Can't wait to read the rest!


Van Badham said...

Hey Jo-Anne,

It's all getting very exciting - and I so hope you enjoy the rest of the story. It is awesome fun to write.

Are you coming to the book launch? Where are you?


strange_candy_reviews said...

I would love to come to your book launch but unfortunately I live in Perth :( Hope you have an awesome time though.